Broadly speaking, I am interested in differential geometry and its connection with number theory and other areas. More precisely, I study and work on complex manifolds, Riemann surfaces, analytic functions, automorphic functions, invariant metrics, arithmetic differential geometry, and number theory.

I am currently working with Alex Buium and Hongnian Huang. My advisor was Professor Damin Wu.


  1. (with A. Buium) Algebraic differential equations satisfied by the K\”ahler-Einstein metrics on punctured Riemann spheres, in progress.
  2. (with H. N. Huang, A. Stump) $C^1-$estimate for the Calabi flow on toric surfaces, in progress.
  3. Hyperbolic Metric, Punctured Riemann Sphere and Modular Function. arXiv:1901.06761, DOI:, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.
  4. (with Gunhee Cho) The Kobayashi-Royden metric on punctured spheresarXiv:1907.07295DOI: Mathematicum.